Tuesday, February 25, 2014

polka dot Renfrew cowl: completed

Today I'm sharing my latest clothing make (YAY for sewing clothes again!), the popular Renfrew pattern by Sewaholic. I say popular because I'm about the millionth person to blog about this pattern (seriously, just google it:)). And believe the hype y'all, it's a good one! Hopefully the pics will convince you.

Some closeups:

The back view:

With one of my fave jackets:

And last but not least, the beautiful insides! (Perhaps only fellow sewers can appreciate this one)

I know "they" say knits can be sewn with a serger, but I can't imagine not having one. It makes sewing with knits so much easier and really finishes those seams beautifully! The neat seam finishes isn't just for knits, though.

The deets: This was a fairly easy and smooth pattern to sew up. I sewed View C except with long instead of 3/4 length sleeves. I did have to alter the sleeves, shortening by 1.5". Probably could've been 2" but didn't want to get too scissor (er, rotary cutter) happy. Perhaps I just have short arms. I was worried about the cowl neck, as I've never made one before, but it was surprisingly simple.

Think that about sums it up. Hope you're all well! xoxo

Friday, February 21, 2014

last sewing order + crochet animals

Well folks, with just a few months left before we get in major pack/downsize/move mode (YEEKS!), I've officially finished my last sewing/nursery order. Who knows what the future will hold, but for now I am done! Which means sewing more for ME! Yay!

I was so happy that the mom-to-be choose such fun colors and fabrics so my last order would be a finished product that I loved. :) And more important, she loved it too.

I have also finished up a few more crocheted animals. How cute are these guys?

Patterns are from Stacey Trock's Crocheted Softies (LOVE that book!), and these were made for a pregnant friend of mine for her nursery. Found time to get started on Easter decorations, too, with this cute bunny!

I love this pattern and bunny, and hope to add a sheep to its side before Easter.

There have been a few more makes, but I think that'll be good enough for now. Being done with sewing orders has allowed me to shift focus to sewing for me -- mostly clothes, but I may work on some other things, too. We shall see! So hopefully my next posts will include some basic wearables. My biggest issue is taking pictures of myself that I don't hate... but I will try to get over that!

Oh, and I've been teaching myself to knit. Probably will be awhile before there's anything to share on that end, though. It's been fairly slow going, but I'm proud of my progress!

Hope you're all well! xoxo

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas sewing + crocheting

My blogging has been and probably will continue to be somewhat sporadic (honestly, my goal has been to make time for one post a month... and that'll probably continue for the time being). That does not, however, mean I haven't been sewing and crocheting like a mad woman. :) So, here are some pics from that last month or so.

First up, I sewed some aprons for my sweet Grandma-in-law that she'll use for Christmas gifts. I also completed my first paper piecing project/block (framed in the middle of the aprons). It was this pattern. It is far from perfect, but I love it and I LOVED making it! Although I can see some of those tiny pieces making my OCD perfectionist self a little crazy, I see more paper piecing in my future (how cute are these?!).

Aprons + framed paper pieced apron block. I thought about gifting the block but decided to keep for myself (it was my first so not perfect + I love it:)).

And here is some Christmas-themed sewing I did.

PJ pants I made for my dad (the farmer). LOVE this fabric!

Christmas pillowcases for the hubs and me!:)

Aside from sewing, I also made quite a few more crochet owls for people (from this pattern). These were taken on my phone with poor lighting, so excuse the not-so-good quality.

And one of the bigger version (this pattern).

And I couldn't remember if I had shared here the Tennessee owl I made for myself awhile back. So here he is!

So that's what I've been up to in my sewing + crocheting world. As I've mentioned before, I'm halting sewing orders. I have caught up except for one last nursery order, which should be done by February. And then all selfish sewing, yay! That plus a few crochet stuffed animals, which, unlike sewing, I will probably continue making for others. I have some sewing + crocheting goals for the upcoming year, and I want to learn knitting. I think I've typed enough for now, though, so perhaps more detail on those goals in a later post.

Hope you're all well! xoxo

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tucker nursery: completed + more owls!

The ol' blog has obviously been a bit ignored as of late, but I'm finally writing today to catch up on a few finished items from November. First up, a few snaps of one of the last nursery orders I'll be making for awhile (one more to go that'll be started after the New Year).

I can't remember if I had mentioned on here or not that I was halting sewing orders. With the big move to NYC + downsize coming in about 6 months (countdown is ON), I am hoping to focus on minimizing my current fabric stash and lots more selfish sewing. :) I am, however, taking a few crochet orders. For example... :)

These three will be shipped off soon and given as Christmas gifts to some owl-loving kids. As I said in this Instagram pic caption, pictures don't really do these little owls justice! (Also, while you're here, please follow me on Instagram! I am trying to get more sewing + crocheting friends on there! I have tried to put a badge on my blog but for some reason blogspot will not let me do so.) I have a few more owls (using this pattern) to finish up for the Christmas season so stay tuned for more cute pictures.:)

That update should do for now! A few sewing for others + crochet owls + sewing for me projects are in the works, though no promises on when they'll appear here. :) But I will hopefully post my latest clothing creation - seen almost done here - soon. It was worn on Thanksgiving, and I got a some mediocre but *somewhat* acceptable photos taken with poor lighting and a very full Thanksgiving belly.

Hope you're all well! xoxo

Thursday, October 31, 2013

crochet owls!

I have a new obsession talent, y'all. It's this little art form called amigurumi (basically meaning stuffed crochet animals), and I can't seem to stop making them! Especially these owls. Here's the latest...

Purple body done!

Crocheted the eyes because it's going to a baby.
(Last two are phone pics so excuse the quality.)

After posting my first little owl (seen at the bottom of this post and below), some requests came in. I didn't think there'd be any interest in crocheted animals at all so hadn't even planned on selling these, but I guess I forgot how popular owls are! The first two I made (pic below) were snatched up by my mother-in-law who thought they were precious - and was needing a baby gift so the non-button eyes owl was perfect for that.

(Again, these next pics are from my phone so excuse the quality. Note to self: must get better at using real camera for these little dudes!)

Right before I told them bye!
I am trying to get better at taking process pics of both sewing + crocheting.

As mentioned before, this is the Fresh Stitches Nel pattern, and I still can't say enough good things about this pattern! There are many many more to come, and I even have a orange & white UT Nelson in the works. :)

I have also been doing some sewing, and have a few more items to finish up before sharing a nursery set with you. Hopefully in the next few weeks! Hope you're all well, and happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

turquoise stripe paloma top: completed

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on a knit Paloma top. I actually finished it shortly thereafter, but took awhile to take pics, then did take pics, but HATED them all! Which is interesting, because I love this shirt and have worn it several times since completing it. Maybe it just doesn't photograph well? Or I was just not being very photogenic? At any rate, I wanted to share it so I've finally pulled together some that are acceptable (read: took some new ones on the dress form:)).

check out those matched up strips on side seams!:)
The deets: The pattern is the Paloma top by Sew Liberated (I bought the pdf version on craftsy). The pattern was well-written and easy to follow. I'd say the most difficult part was the gathering and getting it the correct length to fit properly in the sleeve hole (if that makes sense). I have a ruffler attachment though, so once I figured out the correct amount of gathering I needed to do it was pretty easy peasy. The seam allowances were 1/4", which, for knits, is difficult, to say the least. That was no problem with sides, as I serged those right up. But I like to sew/baste sleeves before serging, especially on my first attempt with a pattern. And, the hems are finished with Steam-a-seam, which is more like 1/2" wide. So, with all the other seams, I was not gonna be pulling off 1/4" seam allowance on this thin & stretchy knit w/o some struggles & heavy cursing.

That being said, I will add at least 1/2" around the neckline to the pattern before cutting on the next go-'round (and there will be more!). It is a fairly scoop neck to begin with, so that + my lack of sticking to 1/4" seam allowances + using a quite thin & stretch knit = a really low & wide neckline, thus the need for a tank top underneath. I think that's the only change I'd make.

Moving along, the fabric is from girlcharlee, (they reimbursed me after the second email complaint from this dress). This marks my first experience using stripes. My fear with stripes is all the matching up required, so I thought this would be a good pattern to use since the side seams are the only matching up needed - not necessary for the sleeves.

I think that sums this one up. Nothing fancy, but super comfy, casual, & wearable top. And OK, just so you know I do wear it, here a few that aren't terrible.

Hope you're all well! xoxo

Monday, September 30, 2013

sis boom peasant top completed

As promised, I'm back with a post on another new top! You may have seen this in the "group picture" of my last post, and here it is on its own...

this snap didn't start off-center, but i wanted to crop out the electrical outlet on the wall, and maybe went overboard.:)
before we remembered to turn off the flash, but this one makes me laugh.
The deets: I used the Devon peasant top pattern from Sis Boom patterns. The instructions were clear, concise, and helped make this a quick & easy sew. Quick & easy = good for the ol' sewing confidence.:) Now, let's talk about fabric. This is a quilting cotton; and although I think it is on the thinner, softer side for quilting cotton & will soften with some washes, this will probably be my last clothing project - at least for awhile - with quilting cottons. Just too stiff, etc, and sometimes I think I might look like a walking craft project? OK that's maybe overdramatic, but for now I want to use fabrics that are better suited for clothing - cotton lawns, voiles, cotton sateen, knits, rayons, corduroy (something very exciting planned for some cord fabric!), etc. The problem with this is... these fabrics are sometimes hard to find, especially in person. If anyone reading this has good tips for finding clothing fabrics, please do share!

In the meantime, I'm working on knit Paloma top that is super comfy and my crazy ADHD self has lots of other items on the list.:) However, I also have a nursery order and some other things I need to finish up for other peeps. Soooo selfish sewing may have to take a backseat at least for a little while. Stay tuned! Hope you're all well. xoxo