Sunday, April 7, 2013

first clothing pattern success!

When I first started learning to sew, about 2 and half years ago, I said to myself and anyone who would listen (hehe) that I would NEVER sew clothes. I don't really know why I was so anti-clothes sewing, but I was. I'm happy to report that my stance is changing. One of the reasons I started sewing was because of all the options it gave me - I could essentially customize everything with the right fabric. So I started to think, well, I guess the same goes for clothes. Then I made this dress for a Tennessee football game when I realized I had no good options in my closet, and I've been dreaming of a handmade wardrobe since. And I am finally beginning one!

As the post title suggests, this is my first attempt/success using a pattern. I did use a pattern for the bodice portion of the dress linked above, but this was the first pattern I used in its entirety (well, mostly). So, I present to you... my first completed top:

The back:

 And the pattern envelope:

The best part is, it actually fits! Modeling isn't really my thing, though, so I didn't want to have a photo shoot of me wearing it. Maybe one day. The top is far from perfect, but it's wearable and was definitely good practice.

I am currently working on a dress using the same fabric in a different color scheme:

I've made progress (the bodice is lined and pleated) but it's more of a long-term project (for me anyway at such a beginner level) so I squeezed in the top so I could have something quick to finish. Completed projects usually equal motivation for me. :) Anyway, hope to have more clothing projects to share in the future!

I'm still of course doing other stuff, too. Finished the matching mini quilt to go with this a few days ago (never took camera pics so this instagram photo will have to do):

And I have another fun nursery order I'll be starting soon! And my garden posts will begin soon, yay! I did not get my seeds planted until April 1 (illness struck our household so I've been a bit slower than usual), but we're still on track.

I think that's enough updating for now. :) Hope you're all doing well! xoxo


  1. Looks good. You will be your usual perfectionist self when making clothes I am sure!