Monday, April 22, 2013

Vogue 8574: finished!

Well friends, I know you've been waiting for this one! OK maybe not, but I sure have been itching to finish and share it! I finished it up just in the nick of time to wear to my cousin's wedding reception in Georgia on Saturday. I never got around to sharing some of the progress pics last week (sorry!), but I am here to share the finished product, YAY! This dress marks my second pattern experience (first dress following the full pattern), and I think I am definitely learning things along the way. Instead of boring you with all that, though, here are some photos...

The Georgia mountains were a little chilly Saturday so it was worn with a cardigan:

With my better half:

I look huge in that last one, but I'm pretty sure it's just the angle (!) and the flowiness (pretty sure that's not a word) of the fabric. Although I must admit that sash did get re-tied (read: loosened) after I had visited the buffet (and cake line) a few times. It wasn't part of the pattern, but I decided to add the sash for a few reasons... 1)the bodice part was a little big and I didn't really want to take it in, and 2)who doesn't like adjustable clothes? We all know fluctuations occur (especially when buffets are involved).

Since I didn't get around to sharing any process pics last week I'll throw in a few at the end here. These were all taken when I had the bodice and neckband complete, plus the skirt portion lined and pleated. I still had to sew the two parts together, add a zipper (! .. was very proud when I completed that!), and hem the bottom to my height (which included hacking off about 5", ha! .. I'm a shorty .. one reason learning to sew and hem my own clothes is beneficial!)

As you can see from those pics, maxi dresses require a LOT of fabric... even for shorties! It was during snapping these photos that I began to worry that I would look like a piece of drapery with legs when wearing the dress. Once it all came together, though, I *think* it was a good fabric choice for the pattern.

Brief review: This pattern was labeled "very easy" by the powers that be at Vogue (or whoever makes those designations). The pattern definitely was not difficult, though I'm not sure I would classify as "very easy" either. There was quite a bit of cutting involved, and some of the instructions were confusing so some parts I ended up sewing however it made sense to me. So I would say the actual sewing involved would put it in an "easy" category (no special techniques or anything), but it was time-consuming.

I think that about covers it all with the dress. I've got some new patterns, and really have the bug to sew myself more clothes. I hope to squeeze in "me" sewing time between some nursery and owl orders. Will report back soon! Hope you're all well. xoxo

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