Monday, May 27, 2013

McCall's 5893 completed: orange knit maxi dress

As you may or not know, I love maxi dresses. My summer wardrobe is full of them. The trouble is, at 5'3.5" (been waiting on that half inch to make 5'4" for about 15+ years!), finding maxi dresses that don't trip me is a task. (And we all know I do enough tripping on my own.) I have found a few good petite dresses (love boden's), but since I've started sewing clothes I've been on the lookout for the perfect basic maxi dress pattern. Since I may make a lot, I wanted something simple and quick. And I think I've found it!

This is my first attempt at this pattern (I suppose in the sewing world it can be considered my "wearable muslin"), so of course there are a few things that I will tweak on the next go-'rounds. But it's a great base pattern. I probably could've drafted one for something this simple using a dress that fits well, but sometimes I just like a pattern telling me what to do so I don't have to think. So without further ado, here it is!


Of course I had to put my hands in the pockets to show you they were there. Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?! (Except I'm convinced the hands in pocket pose makes me a look a smidge wider that I really am.:))  And that black blob in the bottom left corner would be a kitty on the move.

On the hanger: 

And here is a close-up of the bodice, which where I will tweak some things on my next versions. Mostly I would do the neck and armhole hems differently. The pattern instructions are to simply fold down the seam allowance and sew, but it feels like those hems are going to get stretched out and not recover every time I take the dress off. So, I really think the hem needs a stabilizer sewn in or a lined bodice (or maybe both?). I may have to do some research, but I'm thinking I will definitely line the bodice for the next one.

It's also a little big, but that'll be an easy fix by either cutting the next size down or sewing with a bigger seam allowance. At any rate, a wearable first attempt (possible a Vols football game?). Pattern is definitely a keeper!

*Disclaimer: I feel like a total dweeb posting pictures of myself on here, but I can appreciate it's easier to get a visual of clothing actually on someone. This was my first attempt using Mom's old tripod she gave me, so hopefully I'll get better at the whole taking-pictures-of-myself thing with some practice. I think I may look a tad crooked in that first one.:)

Hope you're all having a lovely Memorial Day. xoxo


  1. Looks great Erin. You are discovering the reason many seamstresses make their own clothes--you get to pick the style and the fabric. You don't have to take what other people think you want. Keep it up. The style and color are both perfect for you.

    1. thanks Linda! love getting and reading your comments.:)

  2. Very cute. I am looking for a dress just like this & appreciate your hint about the lined bodice, which I will definitely do! Thanks.