Saturday, June 15, 2013

Butterick 5637 completed: blue & green tunic

I've had this top done for a few weeks, but haven't gotten around to taking photos until today. I meant to take some while I was in Tennessee with the beautiful farm background... but forgot. So, these will have to do. I had actually worn this outfit to lunch and was going to snap some quick photos inside with the tripod afterward, but the hubs had finished clinic early so I made asked him to take some outside. :) This is the only one I liked, though...

 So I took some more inside with the tripod...

 I still feel like a total dweeb taking pictures of myself, but I'm trying to get better! And one last one on the hanger...

As far as the pattern goes, it was an easy one to sew up. And I'm still a beginner at garment sewing, so I'd say any pattern I can complete is very beginner-friendly. I made it pretty much exactly as the pattern instructs, except I omitted a zipper and instead shirred the back with some elastic thread to make it a little more fitted around the waistline. (Because if I had just taken in the side seams I probably couldn't have gotten it on and off since it's cotton lawn fabric - i.e. no "give".) Oh and I just serged the bottom instead of a fold hem.

The waistline and side seams are finished with French seams; I am trying to give my garments better "inside" finishes. With the first few items I sewed, I thought, who cares what the inside looks like? But now I realize it is actually important.

My list of clothes I want to sew myself for the summer has gotten a bit long and out of control! For now I've got nursery orders to catch up on, but maybe I'll sneak in some clothes sewing here & there.

Hope you're all well! xoxo

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